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Are you a military veteran or family member trying to work through the maze of benefit programs? Help is available.


AARP Bulletin

Your Social Security Questions Answered

AARP experts address chief concerns

Editors' Picks

What Happens When Caregiving Ends

When looking after a loved one becomes your life, what is your life when that person’s gone?

High-Intensity Interval Training May Be a ‘Miracle’ Workout

Exercising just 10 minutes every other day may reverse the effects of aging

How to Fight Against Fraud the Cheap Way

Here are some no-cost or low-cost ways to stay ahead of growing scam threats

Your Money

Writing Your Loved Ones a Letter to Remember

Complete your estate plan by composing this one last bit of paperwork

Seven Tips for Making Charitable Donations

Actress Marlo Thomas, whose father founded St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital,  shares her advice

12 Top Things to Know About Social Security

Understanding the program that helps you to secure your future

Featured Video

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Home Life Hacks for Caregivers: Make your home safer and more comfortable without turning it into a hospital by implementing these small changes to your couches, chairs, lamps and stairs.

Hot Topics

Finding Better Dental Tools to Clean Older Teeth

From mouthwash to thicker floss, here's what the experts recommend after age 50

7 Ways Medicare Will Improve in 2019

Changes range from an early close of the donut hole to expanded Medicare Advantage plan benefits


U.S. Lags in Life Expectancy

Japanese, Europeans live years longer, on average

What Midterm Elections Mean for Age Discrimination Law

A new Congress could determine which protections older workers will have as they seek to find or keep jobs




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