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Life's a Journey Essays


The Call of the Wild West

For a fashion-obsessed city girl, "all decked out" takes on new meaning amidst Wyoming's natural beauty

by Tracy Achor Hayes


A Golfing Novice Finds Some Serenity in Letting Go

Scotland’s magnificent natural setting brings a newfound inner calm to a perfectionist

by Jen Murphy

Searching for Answers to Life’s Questions on Spanish Path

Something mystical about the trail to Santiago de Compostela lures pilgrims from around the world

by Becca Hensley

The Joys of Traveling With a Grandchild Across New Mexico

An adventure out west provides precious memories and lots of time for intergenerational bonding

by Terri Marshall


Escaping COVID-19 Fatigue in Yosemite National Park

A return visit to this natural treasure lifts the spirits of a park lover struggling to cope with the pandemic

By Peter Fish

Long Road Trip Opens Door on Serious Relationship Qualms

How a getaway to Key West helped one couple resolve some long-standing differences

By Cheryl Rodewig

What You Can Learn By Stepping Back in Time

A writer traces her great grandfather’s roots in rural Kentucky towns, including Big Bone and Rabbit Hash

by Gayle Keck


Ancestry Travel Makes Global History Feel More Real

Finding her family roots in other parts of the world sheds light on a travel writer's American life

By Elaine Glusac

Mom Views Her Son Through New Eyes in Martinique

Seeing your kids as adults means sometimes stepping back and letting them lead the way

by Tracey Minkin

A Lighter Agenda for Injured Traveler in Paris Proved Best

Surgery almost upended the trip, but a more planned course correction delighted just the same

By Hilary Nangle


Climber Makes Hard Call

An accomplished adventurer learned to let go of one goal and pursue something more satisfying

by Dina Mishev

Stranded in Switzerland

After a blunder, the writer takes a swim, forges friendships and makes the most of his vacation

by Ryan Krogh

When Control Freaks Age

If your mother is detail-obsessed but too old to garden any longer, it might be time to intervene

by Tracy Schorn


Hiking Away Self-Doubt

A young grandma's pandemic pastime becomes an inspiration — for herself and for others

by Terri Marshall

Romance After Divorce

Suddenly single in his late 50s, he wasn't looking for love on the slopes, but he just may have found it

by Crai S. Bower

Teaching Immigrants English

Through her students, a writer finds different perspectives and genuine connections

by Kathleen McCleary


Joni Mitchell’s Genius Brings a Mom and Daughter Together

A mother reflects on how the poetic songwriter bridges generations

by Nancy Schnog

Skydiving in Queensland Can Teach Life-changing Lessons

Sometimes you’ve got to let go to conquer your fears — even if it means putting your trust in a parachute

by Tim Johnson