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Food Historian Serves Up A Flavorful Talk on the Tastes of Mexico

Francine Segan dives into what makes this destination a palate-pleasing paradise

Did you know that Mexican food is so admired that in 2010 it was officially deemed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity? Mexico is a mecca for those who love food, culture and nature, and with its famed beaches, ancient ruins and colonial towns like San Miguel de Allende, it shines as a top travel destination.

In this talk to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, food historian Francine Segan explores Mexico’s fabulous cuisine, including its centuries-long history of chocolate-making. Hear the fascinating stories behind the country’s tacos, tortillas, tamales, enchiladas, mole and more. 

Access a PDF of the handout Segan references in the video, with recipes and more. 

About Francine Segan

Francine Segan is an expert on Italian cuisine and noted food historian, as well as an engaging public speaker, author and TV personality. She lectures across the country, bringing her lively presentation to town hall groups, women’s clubs and many prestigious institutions. The host of New York City’s popular weekly TV series Americans Who Love Italy, Segan has been featured on numerous specials for PBS, the Food Network, and History, Sundance and Discovery channels.

This talk is part of Segan's Food Historian Lecture Series presented by AARP’s Virtual Community Center, where you can find a variety of free virtual events designed for learning, self-improvement and fun. Check out her other videos from the series and stay tuned for upcoming talks.


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