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This video is a recording of a live event, so chat features are not enabled. The video will be available through August 2, 2022. Video run time is 44 minutes.


The Joy of Getting Organized by Daybreaker+

Learn tools and tips to refresh your space with an engaging conversation on organizing your home

In this panel discussion from Daybreaker, hear from professionals Patty Morrissey, Pia Thompson, and Donna Kerbel on how to declutter and get more organized. With a focus on the KonMari Method, this conversation will leave you with tangible actions to maximize your comfort and help you feel at home.

  • Patty Morrissey, MSW, is the founder and head coach of Cultivate Club and creator of The Clear & Cultivate Method — an “intentional and practical process of personal development that empowers people to embrace change, navigate ambiguity, enhance overall wellbeing, and increase life satisfaction.”
  • Pia Thompson is a home organizing consultant and creator of Her approach is based on the KonMari Method to “teach you how to feel comfortable choosing to keep what brings you joy and discard the rest.”
  • Donna Kerbel, also known as the Tidy Godmother, brings her KonMari approach to organization and says she’ll “guide you in making your space a sanctuary where you will be able to breathe and create your best life.”


AARP is collaborating with Daybreaker to offer Daybreaker+ virtual classes curated specifically for people 50-plus. 

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