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AARP members can watch this video through August 12, 2022; run time is 59 minutes. Note: this is a recording of a live interactive event; references to participation in the chat no longer apply.


Don’t Be Intimidated by This Challenging Barre Class

No special equipment is needed — just a positive attitude

Barre classes provide a rigorous workout, blending aspects of Pilates, yoga and ballet. Engaging the whole body, Barre focuses on cardio and strength training, featuring sets of lunges, stretches and holds to build muscle and increase flexibility. What’s more, the movements are heavily grounded in dance and typically feature a ballet studio bar.

In this previously recorded barre class, instructor Christy Noone demonstrates how to perform movements on a mat, incorporating small weights and a small ball, and how to use steadying furniture, such as a counter or dining room chair, for balance as needed.

Please consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

What to expect:

  • Barre fitness is a hybrid workout — combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training.
  • This class DOES NOT require access to a ballet studio bar.
  • This class blends standing movements and floor movements, like lying on your back, tabletop position and lying on your side.
  • If you have a small ball (like a soccer ball) and light hand weights (or water bottles), feel free to use those throughout the session.
  • This class is moderate in difficulty, but beginners are welcome and should feel free to adapt as needed and go at their own pace. Need breaks? Don’t worry, pauses can be taken as individually needed.
  • The instructor provides a warm introduction to a unique workout that can improve stability and flexibility, as well as tone muscles.

About the instructor

Christy Noone is the creator of Bam Barre, a ​​full-body workout blending elements of Pilates and yoga to create a sculpted, lean and elongated physique. The classes are low impact and focus on fat burning by building muscle tone and increasing flexibility. 

This video is part of AARP’s Virtual Community Center, where you can find a variety of free virtual events designed for learning, self-improvement and fun.

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