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Illustration by Michael Hoeweler (Source image: courtesy Richard Lui)

Richard Lui's new book, ‘Enough About Me,’ explores how to be more empathetic in selfish times. Video run time is 41 minutes.

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'AARP Author Conversation' with Richard Lui Focuses on 'Enough About Me'

MSNBC/NBC News journalist discusses his new book about caregiving and selflessness

When Richard Lui wanted to write a book, he reached out to his agent to noodle some ideas. The accomplished journalist has more than 30 years of experience in television, film, technology and business — certainly there was no shortage of stories to tell.

“Originally, it was going to be more journalistic, more about the stories of the breaking news that I’ve covered or issues of race and equality that I covered in my news work,” Lui says. “We knew the caregiving dynamic in the story was so important and that we wanted to bring that forward because it is a quality, a value, something we need more of.”

Lui knew a lot about caregiving himself. When his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, Lui cut back on work to care for family. There are 53 million family caregivers in America, and Lui estimates that due to COVID-19, there are “probably about 5 million more.”

Caregiving requires a lot of selflessness, which did not come easily for the news anchor, who set out to explore why he struggled. That led him to write Enough About Me: The Unexpected Power of Selflessness (March 23, 2021). But it’s a subject that Lui concedes is not much in demand.

“People are not necessarily lining up at the bookstore looking for books on the category of selflessness!" he says. "But we went for the big idea; we went for something that if you could reach one or two people, we did OK.”

In this AARP Author Conversation episode, Lui talks with moderator Harriette Cole, a multimedia associate producer, about caregiving, selflessness and how to push past ourselves for the greater good.

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