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Chatzky: Sandra Wong Geroux; Castro: Courtesy Financially Wise Inc.; background: Aaron Burden/Unspalsh

This live event was recorded on Oct. 13, 2021 on AARP's Virtual Community Center; any references to live chat or tech support do not apply. Video run time is 57 minutes.



Save for the Retirement You Want

In this 'Money Talks' episode, learn how to avoid running out of money and make your savings automatic

What’s the state of your retirement? Is there more you can do now to get your future in better shape?

In this episode of Money Talks, Jean Chatzky, AARP’s financial ambassador and CEO of HerMoney Media, and George Mannes, AARP’s personal finance senior editor, talk with Brittney Castro, founder and CEO of the financial planning firm Financially Wise Inc.


This video, from AARP's Virtual Community Center, is not intended to provide individualized financial advice. Consult your financial adviser for recommendations on your personal situation.

Financial Tools From AARP Mentioned in the Video


AARP has a number of tools and resources that can help with saving and planning for retirement.

At, you can chat online with Ah-vo, our friendly digital retirement coach. In just three minutes you’ll get a free personalized action plan and ideas for boosting your retirement savings.

And at there’s more free help.

The Social Security Resource Center has articles and videos, in English and Spanish, that answer the top questions people have about their Social Security benefits, such as, When’s the best time to file?

The AARP Money Map is a tool that helps you to tackle unplanned expenses, create a debt payback strategy and plan out your financial goals.

The new Savi Student Loan Repayment Tool helps you navigate your repayment and forgiveness options.

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