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Illustration by Michael Hoeweler (Source: Andre Chung; CNN); Background: Getty Images

In Jake Tapper's new novel, 'The Devil May Dance,' discover the dark side of Hollywood in his follow-up to the New York Times bestseller 'The Hellfire Club.' Video run time is 39 minutes.

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Interview With Author Jake Tapper

His new book, ‘The Devil May Dance,’ takes you on a murder mystery romp through the 1960s

In CNN anchor Jake Tapper’s newest book, The Devil May Dance, we’re reacquainted with New York congressman Charlie Marder from the previous book in the fictional series, The Hellfire Club. This time, Marder is hot on the trail of Frank Sinatra and enmeshed in Old Hollywood political drama.

In this AARP Real Conversations series, journalist and TV anchor Derek McGinty talks with Tapper, 52, about how diving into history, especially one he hadn’t lived through, meant a lot of research. And although Tapper wanted the story to stay true to the era, some challenges had him thinking creatively — even going as far as writing his own song for the book because of copyright issues.

“I just thought, to hell with it. I’m going to write my own music. I don’t have to sing it. I don’t have to come up with tunes. But I can just come up with lyrics that are passably real,” Tapper says. “The book is called The Devil May Dance, and that’s premised on the fact that Sinatra sings a song called ‘The Devil May Dance.’ And he performs it in a climatic scene in the book — but it’s all nonsense!” 

'The Devil May Dance' by Jake Tapper book cover


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