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Illustration: Paul Spella; images: One Day University (photo); Getty Images (5) 

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Great Advancements in Medicine Call for Great Responsibility — Here's Why

In this One Day University lecture, bioethecist Jacob Appel explains why scientific feats promise to help us live longer — but asks at what cost?

This eye-opening and insightful One Day University class led by Jacob Appel looks at developments in medicine that are enabling us to do things we never dreamed of — but that also create a whole new set of problems. Whether it’s learning more about DNA testing or how much Big Data knows about our lives, Appel shows us that progress often has unintended consequences.

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that Jacob Appel is one of the smartest, most fascinating people on earth. He’s worked as a bioethicist, physician, lawyer and novelist,” says One Day University founder Steven Schragis. “He raises questions around the ethics of how we care for people, as in the case of the drug treatment that keeps a rare disease in check but costs around $2.1 million. Who should pay for that? Who gets access? If nothing else, watch the first two minutes to hear him tell one of the funniest jokes I’ve ever heard.”


This video will be available through June 9, 2021.

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For a limited time, AARP Members Only Access is offering dynamic lectures from One Day University. Videos will be linked below as they become available and will also be accessible from the Members Only Access home page. Here’s the schedule:


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