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Illustration: Paul Spella, (ullstein bild/ullstein bild via Getty Images, DeAgostini/Getty Images, OneDayU, Apic/Getty Images) 


Unexplained History: What Historians Still Don’t Understand

Stanford University professor Caroline Winterer details the many unknowns of our world

One Day University founder Steven Schragis calls Caroline Winterer’s lecture “classic One Day U.” Her talk, “Unexplained History: What Historians Still Don’t Understand,” is “not overly academic, it’s fascinating and entertaining, and you can’t wait to hear what the professor is going to say next.”

Winterer is a “big-deal professor” at Stanford who writes about history, Schragis adds. “After she did some popular talks for us, we said, ‘What else do you have?’ No professor I’ve ever dealt with pulled together ideas unrelated to her area of specialty better than she did.”

Her lecture looks at such questions as who the first Americans were and when did they arrive, what Cleopatra really looked like, and whether George Washington spoke with a British accent.

“It’s a fun talk, above all,” Schragis says


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