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Illustration by Paul Spella (From Left: Getty Images, One Day University, Getty Images)

The Science of Sleep and Stress

Find out how they affect creativity, focus, and memory

Memory, mood, ability to prioritize and even how much we weigh — it’s all related to getting enough sleep, One Day University founder Steven Schragis says about The Science of Sleep and Stress: How They Affect Creativity, Focus, and Memory. “If you’re not sleeping well, you ought to take this more seriously.”

This talk, given by University of Notre Dame professor Jessica Payne, explores what you can do to get better sleep, to use that time of rest to improve your memory and jolt your creativity.

“This class helps put you to sleep, and by that I mean it’s incredibly stimulating,” Schragis says. “She answers every question you have about sleep and more you never thought to ask.”


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