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AARP Celebrates You! Videos on Demand

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Book: Simon & Schuster; Background: Paul Sirisalee

AARP members can watch this talk through May 25, 2022. Video run time is 41 minutes. (Please note that this is a recording of an online event, so any references to live chat, technical assistance, or the upcoming schedule no longer apply.)



Lose the Weight and Keep the Muscle

Learn how to use protein timing from the authors of ‘The Whole Body Reset’

Gaining weight as you age is not inevitable. The authors of AARP’s new best seller, The Whole Body Reset, show how you can stop — and even reverse! — age-related weight gain and muscle loss. You’ll learn how to lose excess pounds and shed belly fat. The secret? The magic of “protein timing.” Plus: the metabolism myth, nutrition for strength and stamina, meal planning and more.

Read a free excerpt from The Whole Body Reset.

Stephen Perrine

Heidi Skolnik

Shelley Emling

About Stephen Perrine

Stephen Perrine has been an author, editor or publisher of more than two dozen New York Times best sellers, including the Eat This, Not That! series. As executive editor for AARP The Magazine and the AARP Bulletin, he oversees health and wellness coverage reaching more than 38 million readers. He is coauthor, with Danica Patrick, of Pretty Intense, and cocreator of Better Man, a nationally syndicated health and wellness TV show for men. The former editor in chief of Best Life and editorial creative director of Men’s Health, Perrine has appeared as a nutrition expert on The Dr. Oz Show, Today, Good Morning America and The 700 Club.

About Heidi Skolnik

A nutritionist and exercise physiologist, Heidi Skolnik has appeared on national media, including Today, Live! With Kelly and Michael and the Food Network. She oversees the Performance Nutrition program at the School of American Ballet and the Juilliard School, and has been a part of the Women’s Sports Medicine Center at the Hospital for Special Surgery for more than 20 years. She previously served as team nutritionist for the New York Giants, New York Knicks and New York Mets. Skolnik sits on the advisory board of the National Menopause Foundation and served on the board of the National Osteoporosis Foundation for 10 years. She is the author of Grill Yourself Skinny and coauthor of Nutrient Timing for Peak Performance and The Reverse Diet.

About Shelley Emling

Shelley Emling is AARP’s executive editor of specialized content. She’s also the editor in chief of The Girlfriend and The Ethel newsletters from AARP, as well as the moderator of The Girlfriend Book Club and the manager of four social channels.


This featured video was part of the AARP Celebrates You event, which ran March 24-26 to highlight live events on AARP’s Virtual Community Center, where you can find a variety of free virtual events designed for learning, self-improvement and fun.

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