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AARP Bulletin May 2024

Top professionals share their wisdom for the ‘Modern Problems and Their Solutions’ 2024 guide



The May edition of AARP Bulletin offers readers professional advice to solve 26 everyday problems. Bulletin editors sought advice from dozens of top experts to field readers’ burning questions. Their tips and solutions cover the gamut of life’s sources of daily annoyances and confusion — from health, to finances, to home and tech-related issues.


Also in this issue:

Five things you need to know about retirement accounts in 2024: Did you know you can reduce your federal tax bill by contributing more to your savings plan? And did you know an even better tax break is coming in 2027? This month, the Bulletin details these and other changes to retirement accounts that are critical for older workers and retirees.

How to sell your parents’ home: The process of selling your parents’ home can be challenging – both logistically and emotionally. But it can also be a rewarding endeavor. From understanding market trends to finding the right help, AARP Bulletin offers tips to help achieve success.

I’m an expert and still got scammed: Scams are becoming more sophisticated and technologically advanced. Our Bulletin writer recounts how she clicked on a link from what she believed to be a trusted source but was actually a spoofed email address — and accidentally gave a scammer login credentials. Read the full story and get tips from the Fraud Watch experts on how to beef up your cybersecurity in this month’s issue.


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Past Issues of AARP Bulletin

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Real-life stories of fraud—and the ways law enforcement and AARP fraud specialists advise to avoid them       




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How to navigate tax season and avoid getting in trouble with the IRS, plus good news on how to treat and prevent Alzheimer’s                                      



Jan/Feb 2024

Learn crucial strategies to navigate the financial landscape, understanding migraines, get fit at home                                               



December 2023

Your most urgent health questions answered, how to read the fine print and the risks of medical credit cards.                                                                



November 2023

Details on what we can learn from ‘super agers’ and how to protect your home from scammers.                                                       



October 2023

We have a visual guide to fraud, details on the future of Medicare and how vaccinations might reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s.                            



September 2023

Find out how to recover money lost to fraud, the truth about ministrokes and how older adults are shaking up the country.                                                            



July/August 2023

Learn ‘99 Great Ways to Save,’ plus how to reduce gas mileage and what to do when a loved one gets scammed.                                                                    



June 2023

Learn how to stay safe this summer and tips to calculate how much you’ll really need for your retirement stash.                                          



May 2023

Details about AI crimes on the rise, the changing retail landscape and online health misinformation.                                                             



April 2023

This issue features the 2023 Fraud Survival Guide, the problem with extended warranty offers, and a brain health quiz.                                      



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