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2015 Technology Gear Guide

The best advice for keeping your eyes safely on the road

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    Put your cellphone on “silent” — or even out of reach, so you are not tempted to answer it while driving. Using your phone (even hands-free) is an enormous, dangerous distraction.

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    Preset your favorite radio stations (or load your favorite CD) before you start driving. Fiddling with the dials or buttons on your dashboard will take your eyes off the road.  

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    Make sure passengers and pets are properly restrained before starting the engine. The last thing you need is for your pup to jump onto your lap while the car is in motion.

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    Store any loose cans or bottles securely. You don’t want anything to roll underfoot or bang around in the trunk.

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    Study your route before starting out, or set up your GPS-based navigation device. Trying to type an address into your smartphone map while driving is asking for an accident.

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    Refrain from eating, drinking and smoking. All involve taking at least one hand from the wheel and draw your attention from driving.

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    Adjust the driver's seat so your vision is not obscured by the dashboard and you can see the road. Keep the top of the dashboard uncluttered.

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