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car driving on snow covered road at night

Refresh Your Driving Skills Online for 25% Off

AARP’s Smart Driver course also can qualify you for a multiyear auto insurance discount upon completion


Close up of driver hand using touch screen in car

Avoid Distracted Driving

Understand and learn how to control the latest safety features

Car Fit, Driver Safety, AARP Auto Driver Safety

Assess the Fit of Your Car

Improve your safety and comfort behind the wheel with help from CarFit

cars stuck on a road during a blizzard

Winter Driving Safety Tips

Slow and steady are the keys to traveling in snow and ice

auto insurance policy

Get Car Insurance Discounts

Many states offer price breaks to drivers who complete the AARP Smart Driver™ course

A disabled man has gotten out of a car, and is sitting in his wheelchair.  His loving wife is standing beside, with her arm around him

Mobility-Friendly Accessories

Getting in and out of vehicles can be easier with these handy helpers

Driver Safety Course, volunteer, AARP Auto Driver Safety

Help Wanted: Volunteers

Learn how you can help older drivers in your community build skills and confidence

Video Spotlight

Winter Driving 101

Get up to speed on cold-weather driver safety before you hit the road this winter

Car Crash Safety Tips

Being prepared can help you make the best of a bad situation or even prevent it

Self-Driving Cars

Safety is a key issue throughout development; we hear about the process

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News and Tips

2020 Subaru Outback

8 Safe and Affordable Vehicles

These new economical cars for grownups cost less than average, perform well in crash tests

woman using smartphone take photo of car crash accident on the road

How to Handle a Car Accident

Keep your cool after a crash by following these important steps

woman adjusting rear view mirror

Be a Defensive Driver

Pros offer their advice on how to stay accident free by learning to avoid potential hazards

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