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Intelligent vehicle cockpit and wireless communication network concept

The Newest Vehicles Are Learning to Drive More Safely

We’re in an era just before self-driving cars when autos offer more driver assistance


A blue self driving car

Reality of Self-Driving Cars

When will cars truly drive themselves? All of the technology hasn’t figured how to predict humans yet

man driving convertible

Beat Age-Related Roadblocks

Our changing bodies throw us a curve, but we can compensate for many health issues

Tired male driver inside car at night

Impaired Driving: Get the Facts

Alcohol, distractions in the car, marijuana and meds can be deadly, and age can make a difference

woman using smartphone take photo of car crash accident on the road

How to Handle a Car Accident

Keep your cool after a crash by following these important steps

cars stuck on a road during a blizzard

Winter Driving Safety Tips

Slow and steady are the keys to traveling in snow, ice and even that dreaded wintry mix

woman adjusting rear view mirror

Be a Defensive Driver

Pros offer their advice on how to stay accident free by learning to avoid potential hazards

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Video Spotlight

Winter Driving 101

Get up to speed on cold-weather driver safety before you hit the road this winter

Car Crash Safety Tips

Being prepared can help you make the best of a bad situation or even prevent it

Self-Driving Cars

Safety is a key issue throughout development; we hear about the process

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