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car on the road

A Safer, More Affordable Car Is One Click Away

The AARP Auto Buying program can save you time and money

News and Tips

woman adjusting rear view mirror

Defensive Driving Safety Tips

With slower reflexes and other changes, it can't hurt to refresh your thinking on how to drive safely

car on the road during winter

How to Find a Safe Car

The AARP Auto Buying program can save you time and money

Auto Driver Safety - Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Stay Safe and Save

Refresh your driving skills with the AARP Smart Driver™ online course

couple sitting in a convertible at car dealership

Car Buying Tips

Whether you want to buy or lease, the right preparation can make car shopping a whole lot easier

2019 Subaru Ascent

Top 2019 Cars

Subaru is top brand, Toyota has four models in annual auto recommendations from 'Consumer Reports'

automatic emergency braking

Automatic Emergency Braking

This highly effective safety technology will soon become standard in new cars

Driving to the Future

autonomous driving

Are You as Smart as Your Car? 

Test your knowledge of current car tech safety features 

Ford Focus with Alexa featured in dashboard

Voice Control in Cars

Connected car features create a new auto-home network 

Image of an old Volkswagen Beetle and Toyota's new Concept-I vehicle

The Evolution of Car Design

A look at the iconic vehicles that have changed with technology — and the times

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