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AARP's Chief Communications and Marketing Officer Delivers a Clear and Consistent Mission

Martha Boudreau on helping others realize their full potential at every life stage

a photo of martha boudreau a a r p chief communications and marketing officer

Jared Soares

Martha Boudreau

What is your role at AARP?

My job is to make sure AARP's voice is powerful and that our mission comes to life. We get the word out through our popular publications; online; on social media, TV and radio; and even through smart speakers. I am also responsible for making sure our members have good interactions with us. And, finally, I oversee our membership operations.

What are you trying to achieve with your work at AARP?

People are living longer. My goal is to help them realize their full potential at every stage of their lives. By providing information and resources, we can help them make decisions that pave the way to living their best lives.

Describe a recent victory by your team

Creating the Virtual Community Center, which allows people to connect with AARP every day through live virtual events across the country. It's an idea that came to life quickly and immediately started helping people connect during the pandemic, on topics like cooking, fitness and travel.

Lighting Round

Currently on my nightstand: A Season on the Wind by Kenn Kaufman

People who most inspire me: My sister Mary Ann, who has battled cancer for 15 years

You really should watch: Poldark, Your Honor, Black Butterfly, Sneaky Pete

My favorite comfort foods: a.m.—sour cream doughnuts; p.m.—lasagna

What makes you excited about aging in America?

Outdated attitudes about aging are being replaced by the realization that people often live their best lives after 50.

What angers you about aging?

Inconsistent access to quality health care and persistent age discrimination in the workplace.

What are the most challenging battles you and your team face?

Connecting people with AARP resources that can make a difference in their lives. We have a lot to offer to help them with their health, money, careers and family caregiving.

What values of our founder, Ethel Percy Andrus, inspire you?

I share Ethel's belief that as we age, we encounter endless possibilities for personal growth and to give back by helping others along the way.

What is your foremost short-term goal?

To continue to publish up-to-date information about how to navigate COVID's impact on our lives while helping people reengage in things that bring them joy.

What is your most passionate long-term goal?

To make joining AARP, and belonging to our community, one of the highlights of the aging journey.

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