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AARP Services, Inc. New Product Development Company Inquiry


Thank you for your interest in providing products or services to AARP’s approximately 38 million members.

There are general guidelines that your product or service must meet to be considered, so please read the following before filling out the form below.


Your company and its product or service offerings must:

  • Provide a better than general market discount or service to AARP members
  • Have existing marketing and distribution channels in place. It is important to note that AARP cannot pay for the marketing of your product or service so you should be prepared to cover all costs associated with the marketing.
  • Be national in scope

Please note that any disclosures you make are purely voluntary and are not made in confidence. It is also important to note that we cannot help secure funds for new business ventures, or invest in business plans or ideas, or purchase or maintain an inventory of products on behalf of our members.


To get an idea of the types of products and services that successfully meet our requirements, please review our current offerings at


If you are an AARP member with a concern about a current product offering, AARP stance on an issue, or any other inquiries please call 1-888-OUR-AARP.



e.g: 455-656-4555

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