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Docket: Low Income Benefits

Case Name: Hart v. Berryhill

Court: U.S. Ct. App. 4th Cir.  Docket: 16-1371

Decided: 6/7/2017

Read AARP's Amicus Brief (PDF) and Article

Case Result: The Treasury Dept. agreed to stop seizing tax refunds to pay off old family debts and issued Emergency Message, EM-17014 to its staff. As a result, approximately 65,000 people are now eligible to recover up to $56 million in refunds.

Case Name: Weatherford v. City of San Rafael

Court: Cal. Supreme Ct.  Docket: S219567

Decided: 6/5/2017

Read Summary, AARP's Amicus Brief (PDF) and Decision

Case Result:  The California Supreme Court held that state law allowed taxpayers beyond property and business owners to challenge unlawful government policies. AARP joined three other organizations to support this broader interpretation of the statute.

Case Name: State ex rel. Cleveland Right to Life v. State of Ohio Controlling Board

Court: Ohio Supreme Ct.    Docket: 2013-1668

Case Issue: Was the Ohio Controlling Board's vote to approve receipt of federal funding for Medicaid expansion within its statutory and constitutional authority?

Case Name: Harley v. Lyng

Court: U.S. Dist. Ct. ED Pa   Docket: 84-4101

Case Issue: Must the state issue expedited Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits to eligible households with 5 days from application as previously ordered by the court?

Case Name: Henderson v. Shinseki

Court: U.S. Supreme Court   Docket: 09-1036

Read Summary and AARP's Amicus Brief (PDF)

Case Result: Veteran's appeal of denial of VA benefits can be heard even if it misses a filing deadline.

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