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7 Smart Strategies for Jobseekers


Why We Do What We Do

How AARP Foundation is helping 50+ workers pave the way to a stable income

We understand that many people 50+ have worked hard their whole life and are not ready to stop working, and in fact are eager to get back into the workforce and continue to be a resource for their families. With these facts in mind, AARP Foundation focuses on helping 50+ workers — with a particular focus on low-income, hourly wage workers — win back opportunity and gain the competitive edge for accessing good jobs in their communities. Getting and keeping good jobs are only part of the puzzle, however.

Many people with limited incomes lack access to financial services that many of us take for granted, such as banks, debit cards, and financial literacy classes or coaches. And just when things are starting to turn around, one scam artist on the phone can persuade a well-meaning person to send their money to them. Our work helps 50+ families to better earn, manage and protect their incomes — all three components are necessary to pave the way to stable income.

How do we help people earn, manage and protect their incomes?


AARP Foundation works to help 50+ workers increase their income through good jobs and access to adequate public benefits through innovative programs, tools and resources. We focus on:

  • Raising awareness of the devastating impact of unemployment for 50+ workers, especially long term unemployment,
  • Launching BACK TO WORK 50+, an initiative that provides information and resources to jobseekers, and is building a network of community organizations that provide skills training, individual support, and connections with employers for 50+ unemployed workers.
  • Highlighting the Senior Community Service and Employment Program (SCSEP) Program
  • Promoting the value of 50+ workers to employers, the public workforce system and nonprofit workforce services providers.
  • Supports services that help 50+ workers access income supports such as EITC, SNAP/Food Assistance and other public benefits.

Each of these efforts aims to strengthen the pipeline of trained, prescreened and qualified 50+ workers available for employment in the local community.


AARP Foundation helps struggling older adults move from vulnerability to stability with products and services designed to help them better manage the money they have and increase their resilience and ability to take advantage of opportunity. AARP Foundation:

  • Supports the development and presentation of an innovative financial capability platform, AARP Foundation MySavingsJarUsing advances in technology, this platform provides motivation, education, and support for action to aid older adults to make better financial decisions and sustain positive behavioral change.
  • Develops safe, affordable, and sustainable financial products designed to help older adults manage their finances and protect their benefits.


AARP Foundation fights fraud with legal advocacy, consumer education and direct service. By learning the 3 R’s of consumer protection Americans 50+ learn how to recognize, refuse and report frauds and scams to protect all of us from these insidious crimes.

Our volunteer-supported Fraud Prevention call centers help empower 50+ with warnings about current scams and work with those who have been victimized. AARP Foundation works with law enforcement, state and national regulatory authorities, and other private and public parties to stop fraud. It serves as experts on consumer fraud within local communities to partner with local and national media outlets to raise awareness of scams that are infiltrating the 50+. AARP Foundation:

  • Manages three outbound volunteer-supported call centers that call close to 200 people a day across the country to keep them aware of current frauds
  • Works with state agencies to manage ElderWatch programs to help older adults and their families who have been victimized by fraud
  • Hosts Fight Fraud-Shred Instead events in numerous cities to ensure 50+ consumers have access to low-cost or free shredding services to fight identity theft
  • Creates and distributes quality educational materials to help empower 50+ with education and information about consumer protection