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7 Smart Strategies for Jobseekers


Target Your Job Search

Target your job search to focus on one or two specific areas at a time.


Today, successful job searches  begin  by targeting local hot jobs and taking a skills assessment to match your skills to those jobs.

Hot jobs or in-demand jobs are jobs that are available often and are expected be growing in your area .  There are many occupations that are thriving despite the recession and unemployment rate in the U.S.  Health care, eldercare, education and green jobs, also referred to as “sustainability” arenas, are noted for having a demand for workers.    You will be far more successful conducting a targeted jobs search, especially when you are targeting positions and employers that are looking for workers.

Your local American Jobs Center, formerly known as One-Stop Career Center, is a great place to look for information on job growth in your area. They will also have other job search information and assistance to help you find your next job. This is a great place to get help in finding local employers with job openings.

Once you have identified hot jobs, you're going to be narrowing your focus to a particular job type or area. This is how you “target” jobs and employers. With the focus on the hot jobs you’ve uncovered, you will then look at companies in your area that might have these types of jobs. For example, if you have discovered that health care jobs are hot or in-demand, look for companies in your area that might have health care jobs, more specifically the type of health care job that you are interested in.

Match your skills to the hot jobs

Now that you have identified jobs that you are interested in, it’s time now to compare your skills to the skill requirements listed in the job postings. If you are 50 or over you probably have accumulated quite a lot of skills and knowledge if you have worked steadily. Your work experience is one of your most important assets. We recommend that you use free on-line surveys – also called Assessments- to see how your skills and past work experience may be important for other types of jobs.

There are many skills identification tools available but we recommend these free online tools developed by the U.S. Department of Labor:

Share the information you gathered using these assessments with the job coaches or counselors you meet with at the American Job Center and ask for their advice and guidance in achieving the goals that you’ve identified.

By matching your skills to the job posting description, you will be able to do the following:

  • Determine if the job is a good fit for you.
  • Tailor your cover letter and résumé, and application to the position
  • Communicate with confidence why you are the person for the job in an interview because you will have a better understanding of the requirements of the job.   

Now that you know the available types of jobs in your area that match your skills and work experience, you can work on developing your personal marketing tools.

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