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Helping 50+ Workers Find Full-Time Jobs

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BACK TO WORK 50+ connects struggling Americans 50+ with the information, support, training, and employer access they need to regain employment, advance in the workforce, and build financial capability and resiliency to prevent them from slipping into poverty later in life. BACK TO WORK 50+ is targeting 50+ job seekers at more than 20 sites across the country.


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Looking for a Job?

Over 50 and looking for a job? You’re not alone. Use these 7 Smart Job Search Strategies to align your job search with what employers are looking for, increase your visibility and connect with people and organizations that can help you gain skills and find a job.

About BACK TO WORK 50+

AARP Foundation’s BACK TO WORK 50+ connects 50+ workers with the information; training, support, work experience, and employer access they need to get back into the workforce and sustain their income through employment. Call today: 1-855-850-2525.

Partner Network

At the same time that many 50+ workers are raising children and helping aging parents, over three million are looking for full-time employment. Community Colleges and Workforce Investment Boards can help by joining AARP Foundation’s BACK TO WORK 50+ Network. Members get a range of benefits, including materials, a vibrant peer community, and access to resources.


Hire 50+ Workers

The business case for hiring 50+ workers is clear: 50+ workers work harder, stay longer, and have all the soft skills employers need now. Employers can collaborate with AARP Foundation’s BACK TO WORK 50+ to benefit from a mature and reliable workforce. BACK TO WORK 50+ connects employers with unemployed or underemployed workers age 50 and over who are trained, prescreened, and qualified.

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