Food Security and Health

Address Hunger as a Health Issue and Other Social Determinants

The Root Cause Coalition is a nonprofit coalition dedicated to engaging health professionals from all disciplines and provider models, public health organizations, government officials, the nutrition and food industry, and anyone dedicated to collectively developing and deploying effective education, advocacy, and community-based programing – using evidence-backed research – that address the root causes of food insecurity and ultimately improve health outcomes.

The Need

Today, more than 17.5 million U.S.households face hunger – one in every seven households nationwide – the fact that so many, including low-income older adults, lack nutritious food to eat is a dire public health concern.

The Root Cause Coalition, aims to become the nation’s leading advocate of programs, policies and research to eradicate hunger, food insecurity and health disparities. Members of the coalition will work together to establish a sustainable national framework for addressing these issues, with special emphasis on engaging the healthcare community.

Food insecurity – and the resulting obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses – is a health issue causing distress in communities nationwide, taking an incalculable toll on individuals across the age spectrum.
The basic resources an individual has access to factor significantly into their overall health. Only by acting together can we develop a sustainable national framework to address these challenges and work to improve health outcomes for all.

To develop a national voice in addressing these issues, The Root Cause Coalition was established to engage the healthcare community in developing and implementing sustainable solutions to improve our nation’s health and well-being.

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