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To get the most out of your counseling session with a Housing Solutions Center HUD-certified counselor, take a few moments to gather together paperwork and information that your counselor will discuss with you over the phone. In particular, have on hand:

Documentation of Your Income

  • Paycheck Stubs
  • W-2 Forms
  • Social Security Payment Records
  • Alimony Records
  • Child Support Records
  • Other Income Records

Records of Household Expenses

  • Mortgage or Rent Statements
  • Utility Statements
  • Transportation Expense Statements
  • Other Household Expense Statements

Listing of All Debts That You Owe

  • Current Credit Card Statements
  • Current Student Loan Statements
  • Current Auto Loan Statements
  • Records Regarding Loans Against Your 401K
  • Current Information for Other Debts Owed

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