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Patricia D. Shannon

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning & Finance

Patricia D. Shannon is the AARP Foundation senior vice president for Strategic Planning and Finance and chief financial officer. In these roles, she is responsible for managing a strong, transparent, effective fiscal program that drives high impact programs while strategically allocating resources. She also oversees the design and implementation of strategic planning and financial management initiatives that support the foundation's four Impact Areas. She leads foundation-wide efforts to consistently and effectively promote a culture of effective risk management and excellence in governance.

She holds a bachelor's degree in accounting and economics, and a master's degree in business administration. Over the past 25 years she has held key financial management and operational leadership positions in both national and international for-profit and nonprofit organizations. She has a passion for working to improve the lives of others. Throughout her career she has worked to promote best practices and effective solutions to business problems in order to create efficiencies and streamline operations for greater program impact.

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