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Looking for a job or contemplating a career change? Interested in starting your own business? Want to know about Social Security benefits? Participate online in free, interactive webinars with AARP experts.
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The Secrets to Writing a Good Business Plan

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 2pm ET

Join AARP and the Small Business Administration as they discuss how to develop a plan to get your small business up and running, including sources of financing and marketing ideas. Register Now

Cutting Costs, Featuring Jeff Yeager

Tuesday, May 20, 2014, at 7 p.m. ET

Spend an hour with the Ultimate Cheapskate, Jeff Yeager, as he shares some of his latest and greatest tips and tricks to keep more green in your pocket! From heating costs to travel expenses, you can live on less in retirement.  Yeager and other AARP experts will share money-saving techniques with listeners on Tuesday, May 20, 2014, at 7 p.m.  If you have questions you want answered during the show, you can email them to Register Now

How to Recruit Experienced Workers

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 2pm ET

Many employers continue to experience skill shortages in many key areas of their organizations. Join AARP for a free webinar that will help hiring managers and recruiters understand the changing demographics of the workplace, myths about experienced workers, how to screen applications from experienced workers, and more.  Register Now

Steps to Starting Your Business: An Exclusive Webinar Series

AARP and the Small Business Administration are working together to guide you, step-by-step, to starting and then growing your business with a series of exclusive, free webinars. Hear from those who have done it before on such topics as creating a business plan, financing your small business, and marketing your business online. Register Now

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Closed captioning available for all webinars offered by AARP.


Job Tips for 50+ Workers: Insights from Life Reimagined for Work Hiring Employers

(Originally broadcast Thursday, April 17, 2014)

Join AARP and a few Life Reimagined for Work employers for a free, online interactive discussion on as we discuss job tips for experienced workers, including insights into the hiring process.  Register Now

What You Need to Know About Fraud

(Originally broadcast Thursday, April 10, 2014)

Are you concerned about identity theft or other types of scams? AARP will answer your questions about and help guide you through how to detect and avoid fraud. Register Now

Are You Ready to Start Your Small Business?

(Originally broadcast Thursday, April 3, 2014)

Join AARP and the Small Business Administration as they discuss how to determine if you are ready to open a small business, the basic elements of a business plan, funding sources, and more! Register Now

Social Security: Ask the Experts

(Originally broadcast Thursday, March 27, 2014)

Confused about Social Security? Join our experts to have all of your questions answered. Register Now

Social Security and Taxes

(Originally broadcast Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014)

Want to know if your Social Security benefits will be taxed? Most people don't pay federal taxes on Social Security benefits, but for those who do, it can get complicated. During this free one-hour webinar, you'll learn how to calculate your income, determine whether your benefits will be taxed, explore why it matters if you file as an individual or jointly, discover how to find out if your state taxes your benefits, and much more. We will include time for questions during the live webinar. If you have questions before our webinar, please email them to and we will answer them during the event. Watch

Preparing Your Small Business for a Successful Holiday Season

(Originally broadcast Thursday, Nov. 7, 2013)

Learn ways that your business can make the most of the holiday shopping season. Business owners, the Small Business Administration (SBA) and AARP will discuss what you can do to position your small business for success at this busy time of year. Watch

AARP-SBA Encore Entrepreneurship Webinar Series

Understanding the Ins and Outs of Funding Your Small Business and Keeping it Financially Viable

(Originally broadcast Tuesday, October 22, 2013)

Participate in a deep-dive discussion on how to finance your small business. Business owners, the Small Business Administration (SBA), and AARP will provide key information about how to assess the financial needs of your small business and point you to sources of funds.  Watch

Need Tips to Start or Grow Your Small Business? Ask the Experts!

(Originally broadcast Tuesday, October 10, 2013)

Get your specific questions answered by the experts — mentors and successful small-business owners — on how to start or grow your business.  Join AARP and the Small Business Administration (SBA) for real-world guidance during this free webinar. Watch

Social Media and Online Marketing for Your Small Business

(Originally broadcast Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013)
AARP and SBA provide guidance on how to market your business online. Time for questions will be included during the live webinar.  Watch

Women Encore Entrepreneurs – Learn About Tools and Resources for You

(Originally broadcast Thursday, July 18, 2013) Another webinar from the continuing series of webinars hosted by AARP and the Small Business Administration, the session offers guidance to women on how to get off to the right start in building, financing and growing a small business. Watch

Owning an Online Business – Structure, Development and Marketing

(Originally broadcast Thursday, June 25, 2013) Part of the continuing series of webinars hosted by AARP and the Small Business Administration, this session focuses on l key steps involved in starting an online business; how to expand your current small business to include an online presence; and online and social media platforms and techniques. Watch

Financing a Small Business

(Originally broadcast Thursday, June 6, 2013) Have you written a financial plan for your small business? Are you conducting research about sources of funds for starting or sustaining your business? AARP and SBA experts answer questions about financing. Watch

Developing Your Small Business Plans

(Originally broadcast May 21, 2013) Are you about to start or expand a small business? AARP and SBA experts share tips to help 50-plus entrepreneurs develop and take their small business to the next level. Watch

Expand Your Small Business in 10 Steps (or Get Inspired to Start One)

(Originally broadcast April 9, 2013) Small businesses need an effective growth plan to thrive in a challenging economy. Learn about strategies to spur business growth, ways to meet the needs of new customer segments and launch new services or products. Watch

Is Starting a Small Business Right for You?

(Originally broadcast April 2, 2013) Have an idea to start your own small business? Need basic information on what to do next, costs and where to go for assistance? Learn what it takes to pursue a small business venture, how to find local resources to help you and why you need a business plan to keep your business on the right track. Watch

Work and Job-Hunting Webinars

Job Tips for 50+ Workers: Insights From 'Life Reimagined for Work' Hiring Employers

(Originally broadcast Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2013)
Join Pet Sitters International and a few of AARP’s Life Reimagined for Work employers as we discuss job search tips for experienced workers. Watch

Talent Acquisition for an Age- Diverse Workforce

(Originally broadcast Tuesday, September 24, 2013)
Join AARP, SHRM, and employers from the 2013 Best Employers for Workers Over 50 award list as they present the business drivers and best practices for leveraging the intergenerational dynamics in their organizations.  Watch

Job Tips for 50+ Workers: Insights from Work Reimagined Hiring Employers

(Originally broadcast May 28, 2013) Join AARP and three of our Work Reimagined employers (AT&T, AlliedBarton and YMCA of Greater Rochester) for this online interactive discussion including job-hunting tips for experienced workers and insights into the hiring process. Watch

Ask AARP: Advice for Experienced Job Seekers – Part 2

(Originally broadcast March 28, 2013) Because of the popularity of the Ask AARP: Advice for Experienced Job Seekers, we held a second discussion to answer even more of your questions about work- and job search-related issues. Watch

Ask AARP: Advice for Experienced Job Seekers – Part 1

(Originally broadcast March 13, 2013) AARP’s Financial Security team receives hundreds of questions each year about work- and job search-related issues! We answer key questions and discuss how Life Reimagined for Work (formerly Work Reimagined) helps connect job seekers with peers, and with job opportunities with employers who value experience. Watch

Social Security and Retirement Readiness Webinars

Social Security 101

(Originally broadcast Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2013)
For many of us, Social Security will be the biggest source of our retirement income, so it’s important that you are comfortable navigating the enrollment process and deciding when to claim based on your needs. Watch

Social Security and Medicare

(Originally broadcast on May 2, 2013) Interactive webinar about the basics of Social Security and Medicare – two different and important programs. Learn from our staff and get information about helpful resources and tools. Watch

Protect Your Finances: Tips to Avoid Financial Fraud

(Originally broadcast April 23, 2013) AARP and North American Securities Administrators Association answer questions about ensuring the security of your nest egg and highlight tips to help you hang on to your hard-earned money. We also cover spotting common warning signs of a scam, making sure investment products are right for you and checking out your financial professional. Watch

Understanding Social Security Before You Claim: What You Need to Know Before You Turn 62

(Originally broadcast April 18, 2013) Most people claim Social Security as soon as they can – at age 62. Make sure you know the facts about Social Security retirement benefits BEFORE you claim – it could make a big difference to your retirement bottom line. Watch

Close captioned

Closed captioning available for all webinars offered by AARP.


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