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Office of the

Legal Counsel for the Elderly
601 E St. NW 4th Floor
Washington, DC 20049

Main Number: 202-434-2120
Legal Hotline: 202-434-2170
Long Term Care Ombudsman: 202-434-2190
Senior Medicare Patrol: 202-434-2099

Legal Counsel for the Elderly

Pro Bono Opportunities

DC-Licensed Attorneys Only


Case 1a:  Pro Bono Wills & Powers of Attorney for Seniors Capable of Visiting Your Office Please agree to handle an elderly, low-income senior’s pro bono will and powers of attorney for health care and finance. LCE will provide you sample forms and a comprehensive client interview sheet, as well as step-by-step instructions for supervising the execution of a will and advance directives for clients who are capable of visiting your offices. We have a backlog of seniors on our waiting list. Please agree to help a needy senior with these vital documents.


Case 1b: Pro Bono Wills & Powers of Attorney for Homebound Seniors

Our home visit attorney is seeking DC licensed lawyers who may be interested in preparing pro bono wills and powers of attorney for homebound, frail seniors in the District of Columbia. Please let us know if you are interested in helping her.


Case 66:       Please Agree to Advise Senior of Legal Impact of Remainder Interest in Real Property.

This low-income senior in her 60s resides with her 80-year-old mother in their cherished home. The client recently learned that her mother holds a life estate in the property and the client (her daughter) holds the remainder interest that will take effect when her mother passes away. In 2007, the client and her mother entered into a home equity mortgage, which was greater than the home’s assessed value; however, the homes in their neighborhood recently have increased in value. The client does not know whether her mother received any or all payments under the home equity line of credit and would like to receive a copy of the mortgage’s accounting statement. The client seeks a pro bono attorney to advise her of the ramifications of inheriting the home. Her current goal is to continue residing in the house, but she wants to understand the impact on her mortgage and future ownership interest if her mother has a prolonged stay in a nursing home residence. Specifically, she wants to know whether her remainder interest in the house will be attachable by Medicaid in the event that her mother enters a nursing home. She also wants to explore practical issues, such as whether she will be able to afford the real property taxes and home maintenance once her remainder interest takes effect. Since her mother is in good health for her age, there are no immediate deadlines. This matter presents a great opportunity for a real property attorney with limited time who wishes to provide legal guidance to a senior in need.


Case 67: Potential Litigation for Distressed Senior Facing Foreclosure Who Accepted Unconscionable Contract.

A low-income senior was facing foreclosure of her beloved D.C. home. While many entities contacted her to offer their “assistance,” a New York law firm pressured her to execute a Foreclosure Litigation Agreement, which appeared unconscionable. The agreement acknowledged the senior’s financial hardship, but specified that the client must pay a monthly retainer, which almost equaled the senior’s monthly mortgage payment! The main attorney involved does not appear to be licensed to practice law in D.C. This vulnerable senior seeks a pro bono attorney to evaluate whether the New York attorneys’ actions and the agreement violated D.C. and/or federal law. As warranted, the pro bono attorney may need to file a case in D.C. Superior Court, asserting that the Foreclosure Litigation Agreement is unenforceable and that the senior is entitled to damages. There are no immediate deadlines because there is no active court case.



To request a pro bono case from the list above, please email If you would like to be removed from this list, add another lawyer or update your email address, please email us at For your protection, your representation on an LCE pro bono case would be covered under Legal Counsel for the Elderly's legal malpractice insurance. For this reason, we closely monitor all referred matters until their closure. Periodically, our volunteers will contact you by email to obtain a status report on your pro bono case.


Charitable Giving: Legal Counsel for the Elderly champions the dignity and rights of Washington, D.C.'s elderly by providing free legal services to those in need – empowering, defending and protecting vulnerable seniors. Help us continue to help them. You can support LCE by donating online. Designate Legal Counsel for the Elderly under CFC #31866 and United Way #8808. Help us help those in need in the District.

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Real Property Tax Sale Project: You may be able to pay past-due taxes and fees to “redeem” a property and save your home.  Read more


Pro Bono Projects: We have a backlog of 80-100 seniors on our waiting list for a pro bono attorney to prepare wills and/or powers of attorney. Additional pro bono projects may range from non-litigation to litigation.

Systemic Reform Projects: Please agree to lead or assist a systemic reform project that will benefit many elderly, low-income seniors. Projects may include litigation, drafting legislation, research, advising multiple clients on a systemic issue, and/or writing instructional materials for lawyers and clients.  See All Pro Bono Opportunities


Meet us at an LCE community event to learn more about Medicare, Medicaid, housing, finances, health & wellness and more. Go

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