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'Happy Days' Star Erin Moran Dead at 56

Autopsy reveals the likely cause of death was cancer

Peggy Whitson Sets Record for Time in Space

The 57-year-old also is the oldest female astronaut

The Real Rosie the Riveter Has Been Revealed

And now the search is on for her sisters in arms

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13 Hot Items to Sell at Your Yard Sale

Price these pieces right, and they'll fly off the shelves

4 Reasons a Little Fat Is Good for You

Quit the body shaming — a little pudge does have its place

Some Bad News for Diet Soda Lovers

Study links drinks with higher risk of stroke and dementia

Facebook: Not Just a Social Network

With new innovations, the site aims to be your virtual home

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Sr. Hunger Awareness Month

Team up with Denny’s and AARP to fight hunger

Fighting for Your Health

AARP is committed to protecting Medicare

AARP Driver Safety

500,000+ people have learned to be safer on the road

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AARP on Dr. Phil: Why Taking Vacation Is Beneficial to Health

Movie Minute: 'Tommy’s Honour' & 'The Lost City of Z'

Brain Health: Harvard Scientist's Stroke of Discovery

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