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Home and Community Based Long-Term Care: A Survey of AARP New Hampshire Members

AARP Member Opinion Research

In a 2004 telephone survey, AARP New Hampshire members said their preferred location for receiving long-term care (LTC) services was at home. With the state facing an expanding need for LTC services at the same time it is facing budget shortfalls, this 2004 mail survey of 1,054 members was undertaken to assess their support for generating new state revenues in order to bridge the gap between the cost of needed services and adequate funding of home and community-based long-term care.

Of those surveyed...

  • 54 percent would prefer to receive LTC at home with help from home care professionals or from family and friends
  • 72 percent are not confident they would be able to afford the cost of home and community-based LTC for even one year
  • 77 percent do not think there is enough money in the state budget to meet the need for services and ensure quality of home and community-based LTC
  • 90 percent support increasing funding for home and community-based LTC services in the state

Out of five potential state revenue sources for providing additional funding for home and community-based LTC services, "sin taxes" received the greatest amount of support, with nearly eight in ten respondents supporting an increase in taxes on cigarette and alcohol sales.

The survey of AARP New Hampshire members was conducted from June 3 through July 1, 2004. The report was prepared by Katherine Bridges of AARP Knowledge Management who may be contacted at 202-434-6239 for further information. (20 pages)

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