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Financing Long-Term Care in Hawai'i: An AARP Survey

In early spring of 2002, the state legislature approved a bill establishing a board of trustees to make recommendations about developing and implementing a long-term care plan for Hawai'i which has the longest life expectancy rate of any state in the United States. These random telephone surveys of 1,000 of the state's age 19+ residents and of 400 AARP members in Hawai'i were conducted to gauge their opinions about - and support for - possible features of a state long-term care plan. The general population and the AARP members showed little contrast in their responses to most of the questions in the survey. 

The findings from the general population survey include... 

  • 68 percent feel it is very important to be able to stay at home as long as possible and receive long-term care services there, even if they have to pay more for it 
  • 59 percent are not at all confident about being able to pay for nursing home care for one year, and 75 percent for five years 
  • 71 percent say it is very important that the state help people pay for long-term care services 
  • 56 percent strongly support a state long-term care plan that would be available to everyone regardless of income 
  • 66 percent strongly favor being able to decide the kind of care to purchase with money provided by a long-term care plan 

Interviews with the general population took place from August 11 to October 2, 2002 and with the Hawai'i AARP members between October 5 and 14, 2002. The report was prepared by Jennifer H. Sauer of AARP Knowledge Management who may be contacted at 202/434-6207 for further information. (35 pages)

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