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      Long Term Care Campaign Kicks off Aug. 9 in Arkansas

      Long term care campaign kicks off August 9th in Arkansas

      — Yuka Kisugi/Getty Images

      AARP Arkansas is reaching out to 50,000 boomer women in Arkansas, who may become long term caregivers, or who may need a plan to meet their own long term care needs.

      Between Aug. 9 and Sept. 20, each of these Arkansas women will receive either three e-mail messages or three postcards telling them about a new long term care toolkit and resources such as a website, a separate work sheet, and a booklet full of helpful information.

      These resources will help women prepare for long-term care planning. Or, if they’re already planning, these resources may help point out a few things they might not have considered. They’ll find information on:

      • Home and Community – advice on staying in their home and information on other living arrangements
      • Finances – information on long-term care costs, and options for covering them
      • Health – tips on staying fit and healthy for your future
      • Wishes – help with documenting health wishes, giving control to your designee and your loved ones peace of mind
      • Voice – learn how to be a better advocate for yourself and others

      AARP Arkansas has been working to improve the long term care options available to residents. That includes helping plan for future long-term care needs. In addition, there is a list of state resources that provide information, advice, and support.

      You can check out the resources on AARP’s long-term care website for yourself.

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