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Resources Available to Help Juggle Work, Life and Caregiving

Defining Yourself as a Caregiver

Do you pick up your mother’s prescriptions on the way home from work? Maybe you give your parents money to help them make ends meet. Perhaps you and your sibling are speaking regularly about Dad’s driving. How do you determine whether you’re a caregiver and if you could use some help? AARP has a checklist to help you determine your role as a caregiver. While each caregiver has different roles and responsibilities, most have one thing in common, the need for information about available resources to help them support their loved ones.

Managing Your New Role Effectively

Once you determine that you are a caregiver, AARP has a number of resources that can help you manage. The AARP Foundation has produced a publication which you can order by calling 1-888-687-2277 or by simply printing it from our website. Prepare to care offers excellent checklists and tips for getting started as a caregiver. With information on resources, types of programs and public benefits; as well as advice on how to get organized and legally prepared to deal with caregiving.

You’re Not Alone

In addition to Nevada support groups and local resources there are also online communities where you can post questions and get some emotional support for what could quite simply be one of most challenging jobs you’ll ever have. AARP’s online caregiving group is one of many groups developed to provide a lifeline to family caregivers who are homebound caring for their loved ones.

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