Advocates for Social Security

    The Candidates Didn't Really Cover Social Security

    They dropped the ball and voters were the losers

    Help Social Security Be Part of the Next Debate

    Use social media like Twitter, Facebook or Thunderclap to get the topic trending

    How Social Security helps Theetta Cokley

    Theetta Cokley collects widow's survivor benefits through Social Security

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    Action & Activism

    Help AARP Help Family Caregivers

    Caregivers usually come to the position with no experience, and little, if any, on-the-job training

    America’s Family Caregivers Can’t Wait

    AARP urges the House of Representatives to pass the RAISE Family Caregivers Act today

    Video: It’s Never Too Late to Change a Future

    AARP Foundation is working to improve the lives of struggling people 50-plus

    Where AARP Stands

    We Need a National Family Caregiving Strategy

    More action is needed to prepare health care and social service systems

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    You've Got To Be Kidding — That's Outrageous!

    These stories made our blood boil

    An Act of Protest: Rosa Parks in Her Own Words

    How the ‘Mother of the Civil Rights Movement’ remembered her refusal to give up her bus seat

    Health Threats: Not Just Zika and Ebola

    To put our reactions into perspective, here's a look at pandemics through the ages

    Military & Veterans

    Old Soldiers Win New Recruits

    The VFW reaches out to a new generation

    From Veteran to Business Owner

    Capitol Post is an organization that supports veterans who want to start a business or explore a new career

    AARP Honors Those Who Served

    Online resources and information for veterans

    Learn About Volunteering With AARP

    AARP in Your State

    There are a variety of volunteer opportunities in AARP state offices. Share your interests and we'll help you explore options

    Create the Good

    Find ways to be of help directly in your community, whether you have 5 minutes, 5 hours or 5 days to give

    AARP Chapters

    Find a Local AARP Chapter location near you to connect with other AARP members

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