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A new age tax bill that Congress is considering
would force older Americans to pay
thousands of dollars more for health care.



 Fighting for You

AARP is calling on Congress to reject the so-called “age rating” proposal for health insurance.  It’s an unfair tax that would increase health care costs for older Americans — and would line the pockets of big insurance companies.  AARP is fighting to stop this age tax and prevent insurance companies from unfairly hiking health care costs.

Information & Resources

WATCH: Ax the Age Tax

Tell Congress to reject the unfair and unaffordable age tax.

Age Tax Is Unfair and Unaffordable

An overview of the changes being proposed in Congress and an explanation of how they would affect what older Americans pay for their health insurance.

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Call Your Representative

Call 844-586-9568 and tell your Representatives to stop the age tax!

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