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    Smart Financing

    Greg O'Brien, journalist and author of his story, On Pluto, about living with the onset of Alzheimers, Age-friendly financial services

    Money and Memory: A Coming Concern

    Caring for those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's? Financial money management tips to help with better financial planning

    What to Expect Now That the Fed Has Begun Raising Rates

    Even a quarter of a percentage point hike would send ripples that would be felt by consumers on a range of financial products

    A mature couple discuss a living will with an adviser

    Making Sound End-of-Life Decisions

    Good medical planning and end-of-life decisions start with a conversation among family and friends. A living will and health care proxy can be crucial for you and your loved ones

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    Smart Investing

    Gold Bars

    Buying Gold: Is it a Smart Investment?

    With current market prices, could the best investment choice be held in your hand?

    Businessman Protecting Justice Scale With Coins, Do You Know Who Your Advisor Is?

    Do You Know Who Your Advisor Is?

    I can be hard for consumers to separate real investment advice from marketing tools

    red boxing gloves and money - Love and Money Issues

    When You and Your Honey Fight About Money

    These money management tips help you figure out finances and avoid relationship problems

    Smart Money

    Wall Street Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) and Buddy Fox (Charlie Sheen)

    Financial Advice From the Movies

    These flicks have a few tips when it comes to spending and investing your money

    Pareja mayor con actitud de conflicto, cuanto le costará el divorcio

    Divorce Will Cost You

    As divorce rate goes up for people 50-plus, many couples are finding the costs lead to a financially leaner lifestyle. Here's how it breaks down

    couple paying bills (Getty Images)

    Take Charge of Your Money at 50+

    AARP financial ambassador Jean Chatzky walks you through the big financial questions you'll face in the next 10 ears of your life

    Retirement Planning

    Can This Retirement Be Saved -Diane Wildowski

    Can This Retirement Be Saved?

    Check out these profiles of five people with different retirement challenges and what they can do to solve them

    Making your 401k grow

    Managing Your 401(k)

    Tips to protect and grow your money

    Jane Bryan Quinn

    Credit Card Debt, Retirement and Ex-Wives

    Our money expert Jane Bryant Quinn answers your most pressing questions about retirement and finances

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