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Jean Chatski, AARP Financial Ambassador

Jean Chatzky, AARP’s financial ambassador, is a best-selling author and an award-winning personal finance journalist. She is the finance editor for NBC's oday show and the host of Cash Call With Jean Chatzky on RLTV.

Jean believes knowing how to manage money is one of the most important life skills for people at every age. She is committed to helping simplify money matters and increasing financial literacy both now and for the future.

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How to Manage Your Money When Adult Kids Move Home

First, figure out finances to make for a happy multigenerational household

Peer to Peer Lending

Tapping Strangers for a Loan

Peer-to-peer lenders help borrowers reduce payments

Make Your Money Last a Lifetime

Act now to ward off later-in-life financial woes


Elderly couple paying bills with laptop (Getty Images)

Take Charge of Your Money at 60+

You may be retired, or thinking about it. Ensure you'll have the funds you need now and in the future

Woman holding a house key. Should you give your kids a mortgage?

Should You Give Your Kids a Mortgage?

The pros — and cons — of lending money to your children

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Take Charge of Your Money at 50+

Your savings. Your salary. Your spending. Your investments. AARP financial ambassador Jean Chatzky puts it all in perspective

Saving Money

Jean Chatzky column - cash in a jam

How to Fund Your New Start

Going back to school or starting a business? It matters where you get the money

Great At-Home Jobs

Technology makes it super easy to earn money without leaving the house

Hands dividing pieces of pie chart, Inheritance

How to Leave an Inheritance to Your Kids

5 simple steps can prevent a lot of bickering or hurt feelings

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