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    Ways Bad Credit costs you money - Default or penalty credit card interest rates

    6 Ways Bad Credit Can Cost You Money

    Do you know that you will pay much extra for bad credit scores in these situations?

    Setting Boundaries When Lending Money

    Personal finance expert and financial advisors weigh in on loans, crowd-funding, personal finance, and avoiding debt.

    Using a credit card, Credit after Divorce

    5 Ways to Strengthen Your Credit After Divorce

    Strengthen, protect, and rebuild your credit score after divorce by taking control of your finances.

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    adjustable rate mortgage arm loan should get bank rates house mouse trap

    Are Adjustable-Rate Mortgages Right for You?

    A conventional fixed-rate or an adjustable-rate loan (ARM)? These 4 tips can help the older borrower with that mortgage decision.

    When to Pay Off Your Mortgage

    Pay-off your mortgage financial planning may be in your best interest with a low-interest home loan.

    Couple standing in front of house. Why retirees can't get a mortgage.

    Will Retirees Finally Get a Mortgage Break?

    Retirees, here are options to help you qualify for that refinanced mortgage that lets you downsize or age in place.


    Larry King, Courtney Love, and Lionel Richie, Celebrity money trouble

    Celebrity Money Mistakes

    Even the rich and famous have trouble keeping their finances hassle-free. Don’t follow in their financial missteps.

    debt double edge sword can be useful score money finance useful credit card ice

    When Debt Can Be Useful

    Debt and credit score could be useful for personal finances and loan decisions.

    Tarjetas de crédito virtuales

    Virtual Credit Cards Tout Safety, Consumers Take a Pass

    Traditional credit card users are slow to adopt the use of virtual credit cards, a method of payment that lets you shop securely online.

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    Graduation cap and money, 8 Hidden College Expenses

    8 Hidden College Expenses

    A college education is expensive before you add in back-end fees and expenses. Here are 8 that can surprise parents and students.

    10 Things to Know About Using Layaway

    As the holidays approach, using layaway as part of your gift-buying strategy might just save you money.

    Neon loans sign, Payday loans are bad to co-sign

    7 Loans You Should Never Cosign

    Cosigning is a common practice in the lending world. But it can be a dangerous financial move. Here are six loans you should never cosign, no matter what the circumstance.

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