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Domain 4: Social Participation

Tools and resources for working within the "8 Domains of Livability" to create livable communities for the benefit of older adults and people of all ages

Regardless of a person's age, loneliness is often as debilitating a health condition as having a chronic illness or disease. Sadness and isolation can be combatted by the availability of  accessible, affordable and fun social activities.

The following list of resources — from AARP and elsewhere — relate to Domain 4 of the "8 Domains of Livability." The content is categorized into two groups by level of difficulty, with the first group generally being the easiest reads for people new to this work.


  • Feel Good: Volunteer with AARP Foundation Tax-Aide
    The AARP Foundation Tax-Aide program is the nation's largest volunteer-run tax preparation and assistance service. This website explains how individuals can volunteer — even if they don't have an accounting or finance background. (AARP)

  • Keys to Engaging Older Adults @ Your Library
    Created to help librarians provide services to older adults, this "outreach tool kit" contains advice on programming, accessibility concerns, funding, engagement, implementation, model programs and more. (American Library Association)


Published Summer 2015. Compiled by Katelyn Dwyer and Joseph Cheatham.

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