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AARP Livable Communities Newsletter

The AARP Livable Communities e-Newsletter is published every Wednesday.

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Created for community "influencers" — elected officials, planners, municipal staff, placemaking pros, local leaders, policy makers, citizen activists and interested residents — the award-winning* AARP Livable Communities e-Newsletter contains a mix of best practices, research, ideas, community resources, slideshows, interviews, how-to's and information about age-friendly efforts from places near and far. Links to our recent issues (titled according to each edition's lead article) appear below.



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  • In Search of Missing Middle Housing (June 22)
  • Happy Father's Day, Dads! Check Out This Shed! (June 15)
  • 7 Ways Communities Can Be More Livable for People with Vision or Hearing Impairments (June 8)
  • Shuffleboard Is Out, Pickleball Is In! (June 1)
  • Now in 5 Languages: The "In a Livable Community ..." poster (May)
  • It's Time to 'Disrupt' How We Get Around (April)
  • Disrupt Aging by Rethinking Where We Live (March)
  • 'Aging Friendly' Solutions for Most Every Remodeling Project (Feb)
  • 20 Questions and Answers About Cohousing (Jan)


  • The Imagining Livability Design Guide (Dec)
  • Pictures of Age-Friendly Places and Programs (Nov)
  • A Home Remodeling Before & After Slideshow (Oct)
  • The Livability Economy + Living a Car-Free Life (Sept)
  • Solutions for Small Town Main Streets (Aug)
  • Solutions for Transforming Suburban Streets and Commercial Strips. Plus: An Interview with Gil Penalosa (July)
  • Tools for Making a Community Livable, Safe, Walkable (June)
  • 11 Inspiring Livability Examples (May)
  • The Livability Index. Plus: A Livable Tour of Des Moines (April)
  • New Guide and Worksheets for Making a Home "Fit" (March)
  • Slideshow (and printable download): In a Livable Community (Feb)
  • Tiny Houses, Lifelong Houses, Not So Big Houses (Jan)


  • Bookmark, Share These Winning Livability Resources (Dec)
  • 15 Cities Working to Be Great for Older Adults (Nov)
  • 11 Ways to Create Great Places (Oct)
  • U.S. Housing 'Unprepared' for Wave of Older Adults (Sept)
  • How to Create a Grandparents Park (Aug)
  • Slideshow: A House That Can Be a Home for Life (July)
  • Where Have All Our Young People Gone? (June)
  • The Most Dangerous Places to Be a Pedestrian (May)
  • Slideshow: The 8 Domains of Livability (April)
  • Texas is Becoming More Walkable (March)
  • Portland Takes Age-Friendly Action (Feb)


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