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Livable Communities: 8 Features of an Age-Friendly Community

Livable communities are great places for people of all ages. — Getty Images contains the keys to hundreds of reports, action plans, studies and more about livable communities-related topics such as housing, transportation, Complete Streets, walkability, livability and age-friendly places, to name just a few subject areas.

Most resources are represented by a one-page online article that you can quickly read and then decide whether or not you want to download the accompanying document for your review and use.

If you have suggestions for resources to add to our collection, let us know by emailing AARP Livable Communities.

8 Features of an Age-Friendly Community

Livable in Action

Interviews, slideshows, how-to's, tool kits and guides about creating great places for people of all ages.

Livable Communities

Age-Friendly Communities Archive

Most people want to "age in place," ideally in their own home or at least in their same community. This archive contains resources about making communities great for older adults and people of all ages.

Livable Communities


Communities throughout the nation are recognizing that bicycing is an efficient, healthy way for people of all ages to exercise and get around.

Senior couple walking in their neighborhood. Credit: Getty Images

Complete Streets Archives

Complete Streets (aka Safe Streets) policies encourage communities to ensure that their roads are safe for all users. (Also see the Transportation archive.)

Livable Communities

Economic Development Archive

Communities that are walkable, bike-friendly and great for people of all ages are great for jobs and business, too.


Housing Archive

Housing needs change as we age, but it's possible for our homes and communities to change as well. (Also see related content in the Age-Friendly Communities archive.)

Form-Based Code

Placemaking Archive

Livable communities have a sense of place. They are places to live, work and relax. They are destinations, not sprawl, places to be in, not bypass..

Livable Communities

Public Health Archive

Since a population’s health and well-being is greatly influenced by having safe, healthy, "livable" communities, a primary focus of public health work is on helping support livable communities efforts.

Livable Communities

State and Local Action Plans on Aging

By 2030, one in five will be 65-plus. This archive features state and local action plans on aging, from A (Alabama) to W (Wyoming).

Livable Communities

Stats and Facts Archive

Demographic information and other research about age 50+ people, including the impact of the baby boom generation on housing, mobility, healthcare and more.

USA map shows population density in every state

Surveys Archive

What do older adults think about where they live, how they live, how they want to live? AARP and other organizations have asked those questions and more — and they've gotten answers.

Livable Communities

Transportation Archive

Resources about bicycle-, pedestrian- and public transit-friendly communities and initiatives. Also find related information in the Complete Streets archive.

Livable Communities

Walkability Archive

A street that's made safer for an older adult to cross is also safer for a child, a parent pushing a stroller, a bicyclist, a jogger. In other words, a walkable community benefits everyone.

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AARP Livable Communities

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One in Three Americans is Now 50 or Older

By 2030 one out of every five people in the U.S. will be 65-plus. Will your community be ready? AARP Livable Communities features the information and resources local leaders, planners and others need to create age-friendly places for people of all ages. About Us | Visit Our Archives

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