Walk Wise, Drive Smart - Stepping Up to a More Walkable Hendersonville


Next to driving or riding in cars, walking is the most popular mode of transportation among older adults. However, senior pedestrian safety continues to be a critical issue that requires much attention and collaboration. The Walk Wise, Drive Smart program is a neighborhood-based project that is part of the Henderson County Livable and Senior Friendly Community Initiative in Hendersonville, North Carolina. It aims to create more pedestrian-friendly environments within Hendersonville. This website examines the Walk Wise, Drive Smart project, offers a forum for community input, and provides information on upcoming events related to this program.

Key Points

Walk Wise, Drive Smart is funded by the federal National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and coordinated by the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center in partnership with the community of Hendersonville. The program combines educational, encouragement, enforcement, and environmental activities to create a safer, more walkable community. Walk Wise, Drive Smart seeks to develop a model that can be replicated in similar settings in North Carolina and beyond.

The Walk Wise, Drive Smart program:

  • Provides educational workshops and a series of walking audits of neighborhoods in Hendersonville.
  • Gathers extensive community feedback through surveys and interviews.
  • Identifies features needed to implement a pedestrian safety plan that is responsive to the specific needs of residents in Hendersonville.

How to Use

The Walk Wise, Drive Smart website can be used by community planners, local officials, and citizens in North Carolina and beyond to better understand what Hendersonville is doing to encourage active aging and provide safe and accessible pedestrian environments for its older adult residents and visitors. The fundamentals of the Walk Wise, Drive Smart program can be used as the framework for similar projects in communities across the country looking to encourage active transport among older adults while making environments safer for all pedestrians in the area.

View Web site: Walk Wise, Drive Smart - Stepping Up to a More Walkable Hendersonville

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