Good to Go: Western New York Transit Needs – 2006


As the older population increases in age and number, it is important to ensure the mobility of older individuals. AARP New York conducted this study to examine transportation issues among older adults and to help assess the overall transportation needs of older residents in Western New York.

Key Points

To understand the transportation issues facing older members of the community, AARP New York surveyed 1,423 Western New York residents age 75 and older. The report offers statistical data regarding the differences in mobility habits and transportation concerns based on key factors such as income and possession of a driving license.

Report highlights include:

  1. Older Western New York residents without licenses are much more likely to be stranded in their homes. Nearly 60 percent get out of their homes less than three times per week, compared to only 18 percent of those with licenses.
  2. While nearly 90 percent of respondents with a license report being satisfied with how they get around their community, only 58 percent of those without licenses indicated they were satisfied.
  3. Older Western New York residents with incomes below $20,000 are nearly three times as likely to leave home less than three times per week, and more than twice as likely to have difficulty getting to places such as medical appointments.
  4. The majority of older Western New York residents indicated they would be likely to choose a neighborhood with better public transportation if they were unable to remain in their current neighborhood.

How to Use

This report provides in-depth data regarding the transportation and mobility habits of older Western New York residents. Planners and government officials should use this report to understand the varying needs of community members, and to best ensure the mobility of their older population.

View full report: Good to Go: Western New York Transit Needs – 2006 (PDF – 406 KB)

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