Rockland County, New York Livable Communities Survey Of AARP Members 50+: Fact Sheet, Annotation, and Methodology – 2009


In 2008, Rockland residents 65+ made up 13 percent of the population, and 29 of these residents have some sort of disability. AARP New York organized this study to determine the livability of Rockland for this aging population.

Key Points

AARP New York conducted a survey of AARP members age 50 and older living in Rockland to determine their satisfaction with their overall community, as well as home, transportation, and community services and features. A majority of respondents are long-term residents of the community, hoping to remain there as long as possible.

Other report highlights include:

  1. While a majority of respondents are satisfied with their community, at least half of Rockland members identified heavy traffic, not enough sidewalks, streets that are too dark and need repair, crime, and lack of public transportation as problems. In contrast, members believe that public services, rundown buildings, too few traffic lights, and proximity of services are not a problem.
  2. Top community features and services of importance are safe neighborhoods, hospitals, hospice, and special transportation services.
  3. The biggest gaps identified between what is important to Rockland members and what exists in their community are an adequate supply of affordable housing, a variety of housing options for persons with different physical abilities, home repair services, chore services, sidewalks, and ways to connect older and younger people.

How to Use

This survey provides local planners and government officials with information that can help with planning for an aging population by outlining the key livable community features and services of interest to the aging population, along with areas of satisfaction/dissatisfaction and gaps in current community planning efforts. Additionally, this survey provides a great resource and case study for other communities looking to determine the livability needs of an aging population.

View full report: Rockland County, New York Livable Communities Survey Of AARP Members 50+: Fact Sheet, Annotation, and Methodology – 2009  (PDF – 160 KB)

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