Going from Good to Great: Livable Communities Survey in Clermont County, Ohio – 2008


Ohio’s older adult population, age 60+, is expected to increase by 44 percent by 2030. To prepare for the issues Clermont County, Ohio will face as its Boomer generation ages, AARP’s Ohio State Office conducted a survey of Clermont County’s 45+ population to identify gaps in community characteristics or services that hinder aging in place.

Key Points

To understand better the perceptions of older residents regarding life after retirement and the livability of their community, a survey was conducted of 1,002 adults age 45 years or older. The resulting feedback from the survey indicated the following gaps in the community: dependable public transportation, legal support services, sidewalks going where you want to go, and respite care.

Other report highlights include:

  1. Safe neighborhoods are the most important community characteristic for Clermont residents age 45 and older.
  2. Two-thirds of survey respondents said that transportation is a problem in Clermont County.
  3. “Accessible and dependable transportation that allows for pedestrian travel is a basic mobility characteristic of a livable community.”

How to Use

The report provides a high-level of statistical information pertaining to the perceptions of Clermont County’s adult population. It makes comparisons between the Boomer generation and non-Boomer generations to demonstrate differences in the importance of certain community characteristics and services among different age groups. Planners and local government officials can use this report to improve the livability of their communities by gaining a better understanding of the perceptions of older adults in Clermont County that may be representative of many senior populations.

View full report: Going from Good to Great: Livable Communities Survey in Clermont County, Ohio – 2008 (PDF – 867 KB)

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