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The Mather Lifeways Institute on Aging was established in 1999 as the research branch for Mather Lifeways, a 70-year-old non-profit senior community development organization. The Institute produces a broad range of research on healthy aging and can be a good resource for community planners and local governments seeking to establish residential or wellness programs for seniors.

Key Points

There are free resources available on both the Mather Lifeways and Mather Lifeways Institute websites. On the Mather Lifeways Institute website, users should click on “Resources” and then on the “Orange papers” link, which provides access to articles on a variety of age-related topics. In addition, the “Aging in Place” link allows the planner or leader to subscribe to an aging resource newsletter, which means relevant articles and information come to them.

The Mather Lifeways Institute on Aging is also a training organization. Categories including Health Care Professionals, Senior Living Providers, Family Caregivers, and Corporations & Employers. Individual and group webinars are available for each category across a range of topics. Webinar or training options vary on price and length. Regardless of the category, look for the “National Survey” link, which is a free downloadable resource.

How to Use

As the older population continues to increase, community planners and local leaders can use the Mather Lifeways Institute website as a source of information and training on age-ready planning. This site, along with the Mather Lifeways corporate site, is a good resource for ideas on healthy senior living options.

View the website: Mather Lifeways Institute on Aging Website

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