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As people age, their medical needs often go beyond the scope of general family physicians. The American Geriatrics Society’s Foundation for Health in Aging created to act as a resource for healthcare among older adults. Specifically, the website contains information on common diseases, considerations for adults with multiple conditions, and features that allow people to find out more about their individual situations.

Key Points

This website’s content is provided by the American Geriatrics Society’s resources, and connects visitors to a wealth of health-related content. The most helpful section is “Aging and Health A to Z,” which lists all the possible medical conditions an older adult might have, provides descriptions, treatment plans, tips for caregivers, and questions to ask healthcare professionals.

In addition, the site contains basic information about geriatrics, and it includes a search tool that allows people to locate healthcare professionals in their areas. The “Medications” section of the site provides detailed information about the unique medication needs of older adults, including a list of medications to avoid. Finally, the “Make Your Wishes Known” section has some guidelines for the difficult legal and ethical decisions that come along with caring for older adults.

How to Use

Local officials looking to partner with resources focused on older adult healthcare needs should consider partnering with the site. It contains a wealth of specific information, all designed to help older adults remain informed, and be able to access the best possible care in their community.

Web Resource: Health in Aging Website

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