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The New America Foundation is a nonprofit public policy institute that invests in new ideas and new thinkers addressing the next generation of challenges facing the United States. The foundation’s mission is based on the ideal that each generation will live better than the one before it. New America funds domestic policy initiatives that create real-world solutions to economic, educational and health care challenges facing the U.S. today.

Key Points

The New America Foundation website can be used by local government officials and community leaders to gain a better understanding of the issues faced by local communities and the U.S. as a whole. The Programs and Issues section of the website will be a great resource for communities looking for information on current initiatives that have been implemented to foster economic growth and ensure fiscal responsibility in communities across the country. The Events and Publications section of the website offers numerous resources for local officials including blogs, articles, podcasts, and policy papers about the most critical issues facing the nation.

How to Use

Local government officials and community leaders can use the New America Foundation website to gain an understanding of the programs and policies this foundation supports. The resources provided through the foundation’s website should be used by community leaders and local officials to better understand the critically important issues currently facing the U.S. and how these issues will affect their local communities.

View the website: New America Foundation

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