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Grantmakers in Aging is an organization dedicated to directing increasing numbers of philanthropists to information on funding age planning initiatives. Its membership consists of funders serving the aging. Though the organization does not exist to directly fund nonprofit institutions, it does serve as a gathering point for those doing the funding. Community planners and local leaders can use the site as a reference point for what philanthropists in the field of aging are considering in terms of age-related initiatives.

Key Points

There are a number of important and informative sections on the website, including programs and events, news, membership, issues, and a resource center.

Website highlights include:

  1. Issues: This section will provide communication insights into which types of initiatives philanthropists may be willing to fund. Highlighted issue categories include health, community development, education, children/youth/families, economic security, and arts and culture.
  2. Resource Center:Provides a variety of articles and guides directed toward aging (the majority of which stem from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation).
  3. About: The membership roster provides a large listing of philanthropic organizations that support age friendly initiatives.

How to Use

There are a large amount of foundations and grantmakers in the U.S. Finding which ones are focused on age-related issues is a good first step in location proper funding opportunities. Community planners and local leaders should use the site as a resource for identifying which organizations and issues may help them advance age-friendly planning initiatives in their own areas.

View the website: Grantmakers in Aging

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