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The Livability Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to the creation of livable communities through the integration of economic, environmental, and community initiatives. Planners and local leaders will want to visit the site for two reasons. First, to observe which types of community initiatives are gaining traction across the nation. Second, to discover which tools and processes best sparked community activism in the creation of livable community initiatives.

Key Points

The Livability Project website is organized into six main categories: “About” provides the history, mission and credibility of the Livability Project; “Livability Framework” outlines the proprietary process the project uses in community engagement and initiatives;“Services” lists resources for help; “Initiatives” are those projects currently being implemented across the country;“Newsroom” includes all press and videos; and “Blog” discusses possible topics of interest for businesses, governments, and community leaders seeking to build more livable and sustainable communities. Of those, three are worth noting for the local planner. These include Livability Framework, Initiatives, and Newsroom.

Based on these three areas, highlights include:

  1. The Livability Framework is a proprietary process involving nine modules. Each aspect for developing community livability initiatives comes with its own set of tools. These includeassess the community,envision the future, establish an organizational foundation, and build multiple programs, amongst others.
  2. The Initiatives page provides a brief paragraph summation of various livability project initiatives.
  3. The Newsroom category provides videos, blogs, press releases, news articles, and social media opportunities. Browsing through these will help community planners and leaders determine which types of marketing/storytelling might work best for their own localities.

How to Use

Community planners seeking projects that activate community involvement and marketing platforms can use the Livability Project website as a source of inspiration. Processes for generating new initiatives, as well as many examples of what those initiatives accomplish can be a helpful source of practical insight into community initiatives elsewhere.

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